Koniküre Ltd focuses on building a project structure through an architectural perspective. This requires an engineer that understands the architectural mission of a project at its highest importance as well as an architect that understands the limits and functionalities of a structure. This entire process implies a strong inter-disciplenary efficiency.

The most important mission of Koniküre is to find and preserve the harmony among  function, materials, form and design of all other structural components together.

And this is only possible by melting down the structural limits between an architect and an engineer. 


Koniküre Ltd not only develops structures with respect to constructural logic, design quality, lightness and transperancy, but also harmoniously tailors these structures together. Designing a structure from scratch or dealing with an already designed structure means converting into its simplest, perfect state.

Finding the most applicable physical or technical medium  derives from testing the limits. Structures that are minimized to have very wide ranges and high design quality are a result of such endevour.